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Macintosh and Windows Educational CD-ROMs

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Turbo Math Maniacs ® Ages 7 and up $39.95
Fuel up for math learning with Turbo Math Maniacs! Adjustable skill levels help children practice multiple-digit addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Turbo Math Facts ® Ages 5 to 12 $34.95
Race ahead to higher math scores. Develop solid math skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Coin Critters ® Ages 5 to 12 $34.95
Learn to count and use U.S. coins. Correct answers earn game tokens. Save progress and print work sheets.
Clock Shop ® Ages 5 to 12 $34.95
Learn analog and digital time with multiple lessons. Earn game time for correct answers. Save progress and print work sheets.
Word Foundry ® - Mac Only Ages 7 and up $9.95
Beat the clock and find the hidden words in anagram-like puzzles. Import word lists and choose puzzle size, shape and difficulty.
Dinosaur Kids TM Ages 4 to 10 $9.95
With its prehistoric twist on seven favorite children's games, Dinosaur Kids entertains while reinforcing early learning skills.
The Math Majors ® Ages 5 to 12 $34.95
Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and inequalities. Drill math skills within a baseball game.
Tackle English ® Ages 8 to 15 $34.95
Tackle capitalization, punctuation and parts of speech. Correct answers earn time toward an interactive football game.
Crossword Studio ® Ages 5 to Adult $29.95
Improve vocabulary and spelling skills with crossword puzzles you design! Import word lists. Add art, color and sound. Print and publish puzzles.
Wordsearch Studio ® Ages 5 to Adult $29.95
Add artwork, color and sound to create unique word search puzzles. Import word lists, print and publish puzzles.
Language Explorer TM Ages 5 to Adult $29.95
Build Spanish, French, German and English vocabulary while matching animated images to words. Explore 42 useful topics and five skill levels.
Preschool Parade ® Ages 3 to 6 $9.95
Kids can learn the alphabet and counting, develop strategy and memory-building concepts and create with music and coloring.

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